Which Canadian Personal Income Tax Deductions are Worth The Fuss?

Which Canadian Personal Income Tax Deductions are Worth the Hassle? As spring draws near, Canadians can look forward to cherry blossoms and spring skiing.  Another event is the filing of their personal income tax returns. With all the tax deductions and credits rules in the Income Tax Act, compiling all the information for your tax accountant to complete your personal

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A GST Refresher for BC Small Businesses

GST is a tax charged on most goods and services purchased in British Columbia. GST is charged on the gross sale price of the item or service before PST. A Business also gets to claim as input tax credit (“ITC”), the GST it pays out in operating its business. For example, GST paid on rent, computers, business cards, accounting fees, etc. are all

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Important Tax Filing Dates 2014 For Vancouver Businesses

As all Canadians settle back into work after the holiday season, we’re all looking forward to fulfilling the new intentions and resolutions we have set forth for the 2014 year. However, it is important to note that although 2013 calendar year has closed, along with it the financial results of your business, many tax planning opportunities for 2013 remain open.

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