Canadian Tax Issues 2021 and Beyond

The BC economy is reopening slowly. We need to start planning for the “normal” time again as the physical threats brought about by the pandemic subside.  Which means, bc tax planning will move up in importance in the very near future. With all the government assistance and money printing that went on during the heart of the pandemic, taxpayers who

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Tax Structure When Buying an Incorporated Business

A very quiet and painful spring 2020 comes to an end in BC.  As the BC economy reopens pieces at a time, the impact of the Vancouver covid-19 pandemic lockdown on different sectors of the economy will become more evident. For young or mature business owners, this past spring was a time of inner reflection.  There was plenty time for

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Vancouver Tax Planning Post Covid-19 Lockdown for Canadians

With the curve flattening in BC, I am going to practice optimism and leap back to the future to discuss tax planning for BC individuals and small businesses for the 2020 year end. Operating loss utilization There will be businesses with operating losses for this fiscal year. Losses can be carried back three years whether you are proprietor or an

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