Dealing With the Death of Your Accountant

There are many tax-planning tips for death and estate, but not much is written about the death of your accountant who has been taking care of the family’s finances for decades. I just read a statistic that says 43% of financial advisors are over the age of 55, and are approaching retirement. Even my own experience with new clients tells

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Cloud Based Accounting: The Cloud, The Books, The Bookkeeper, and His Death

The use of cloud-based accounting software began to surface about five years ago, amongst my clients. Since then, I’ve seen more young entrepreneurs adopting software quickly and with minimum training.  Accounting software, desktop or cloud-based, is supposed to be user friendly for non-accountants, and this has been the case since accounting software came onto the scene in the 1990s. Now,

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The Current Condo Rush in Vancouver – A Word of Caution

Buying a Condo in Vancouver, A Word of Caution Condos are selling like hot cakes in Vancouver right now. New developments allow investors to secure a brand new unit for a deposit as low as $5,000. The intention of this blog post is not to talk about the risk of an interest rate hike or a condo market downturn. The

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