The Costly Consequences of Pretending To Be An Incorporated Consultant

BC corporations enjoy a 11% corporate tax rate on the first $500,000 of taxable income from active business due to the small business deduction (“SBD”). Most BC incorporated businesses qualify for this tax break. In fact, many businesses structure its business affairs in ways that can take full advantage of this favourable tax treatment. Consultants Who May Not Be CRA

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Salary or Dividend? Shareholder Remuneration Revisited 2021

Recently, I decided to crunch some tax numbers for shareholders of a CCPC who are hoping to increase their take home pay in order to get into the BC real estate market.  Canadian taxpayers know that the tax rates in recent years have crept up.  What is commonly less known is that the tax rules and rates pertaining to dividends

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Thinking About Buying a Small Business? Vancouver Tax Advice You Need to Know!

Successful entrepreneurs are often on the hunt to acquire other businesses for strategic reasons. Acquiring a competitor to increase market share or buying out a supplier to add synergy to an existing business are just a few of the reason entrepreneurs seek acquisitions. When a business is up for sale negotiation, the seller of the business has a huge advantage

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