Personal Tax Planning for Canadians as We Approach the 2021 Calendar Year End

The Covid Pandemic brought about an unprecedented coordinated financial support from all central banks to assist individuals and businesses to cope with the financial losses brought about the closure of the world economy. As a consequence, most asset classes, particularly speculative assets, saw huge value appreciation due to the coordinated quantitative easing measures undertaken by these central banks.  Vancouver Tax

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Vancouver Tax Planning Post Covid-19 Lockdown for Canadians

With the curve flattening in BC, I am going to practice optimism and leap back to the future to discuss tax planning for BC individuals and small businesses for the 2020 year end. Operating loss utilization There will be businesses with operating losses for this fiscal year. Losses can be carried back three years whether you are proprietor or an

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Managing Cash Holdings During the Covid-19 Lockdown

Canada is now into its 4th week of lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic and Vancouver small businesses are suffering as a result.  Even businesses that are marginally impacted are suffering as well due to lack of staffing, delayed delivery, having to adapt to working remotely, etc. Right now, the uncertainty is high.  We are not sure at all how

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