MewCo Tax Special

Your personal income tax consultants, tax advisers you can count on. 

For those Canadian taxpayers with straightforward tax returns, our expertise is best used not for filing personal returns but for an overall tax plan review periodically. Our income tax consulting service is not intended to review the accuracy of prior year tax returns. The intent of this is to assess, inform, and assist the taxpayer make financial decisions that have tax consequences. 

Examples of common issues to be addressed during the review: 

  • I own a house in Vancouver and also a Whistler property. We have lived at the Whistler property during the winter months. What will happen when I sell the Vancouver home.
  • My mother gave me a $ 300,000 inheritance. Is there tax on this? Should I buy RRSP or TFSA?
  • My husband is very ill. We wish to donate our art collection to the VAG. What is the best way?
  • I want to help my children buy a condo in Vancouver. Which of my properties should I sell?
  • My parents own a vacation property in Whistler and they wish to transfer it to us.
  • Should I sell my stocks or bonds to buy my son a condo? Should I buy the condo in my name or my son’s name.
  • My mother has $ 1 million in her bank account and a $ 2 million home. What will happen when she dies?
  • What is better off in the long run for me – TFSA or RRSP?