Our Clients

The Professionals

Explore some of our clients who’ve required sophisticated tax planning to shelter income and credit-proof their retained earnings. 

Business Services

Service-oriented businesses are sensitive to economic cycles. They need a tax advisor to bounce ideas off of and consult, especially during tough times. 

Westcoast Specialties

Explore some businesses that are uniquely West Coast in nature. 

Retail & Restaurants

Retail & Restaurant-based businesses are highly sensitive to economic cycles, and therefore cost management is critical to success. These businesses often need an advisor to help them crunch their numbers on the fly. 

Real Estate Development And Services

The real estate sector is the biggest driving force behind Canada’s West Coast growth right now. 

Female Entrepreneurs

Female entrepreneurs provide unique contributions to the business community and need a unique connection with their advisors. Mew and Company values female entrepreneurs and includes them as part of our own team. 


In this industry, understanding how the “cents” are spent is key to success. We know how to count and allocate the “cents”.

Health and Wellness

The growth industry with the changing demographics. Abundant opportunities in a highly competitive market with many small players.