I moved my communications and public relations consulting business to Metro Vancouver five years ago. Since then, Lilly has been my corporate accountant, and provided strategic and invaluable tax planning advice for my business and personal affairs. Lilly’s sound knowledge, proactive advice and demonstrated expertise has saved my business money. I trust Lilly with my financial matters, allowing me to focus on growing my business. 


As a self-employed, Vancouver-based project manager and economist specializing in transportation, I have employed Lilly Woo of Mew and Co as my corporate accountant for the last five years. She has provided my company with valuable insights on corporate and personal income tax, accounting matters and financial consulting.
Ms. Woo is highly knowledgeable and experienced, and goes the extra mile to proactively find workable and cost-saving solutions for my business. I am grateful for the peace of mind that she has brought to my company through her expertise, diligence and really knowing my business needs. 


Wardley Consulting Group, Vancouver BC

The Pacific Place Group has been working with Mew & Company for the past 12 years. Our business group has experienced tremendous growth and Mew & Company has been there with us. From simple matters like RRSP contributions to complex tax matters like succession planning, Mew & Company can do it all. Lilly initially sets up an accounting system to accommodate our growth. Richard oversees the complex tax matters. They make a great team. 


Lilly Woo at Mew & Co and I have had a handful of mutual clients. She is very diligent and sharp. She peruses the investment reports in detail to ensure that her clients take advantage of every tax deduction and tax breaks CRA offers. Even during the busy tax season, she makes inquiries on tax driven investment products to ensure that her clients are not over reporting their gains. 


My husband and I are owners/operators of two restaurants on Bowen Island. Our banker recommended Mew & Company to us a few years back. We used the firm to do the CRA filings. Recently, there was an offer to purchase one of our restaurants. Once we communicated to Lilly our intention to sell the restaurant, Lilly was instrumental in assisting with the entire due diligence process that the interested purchaser put us through. During the negotiation process, we were informed of the tax consequences of the sale and future tax planning resulting from it. The restaurant was sold. 


I am a young entrepreneur providing search engine optimization services to web pages wanting to be found on the first page of Google. Although I have many years of experience in my field, when I started my own business, there were many different filings to do from WCB, HST, CRA, etc. Lilly explained all the different filing requirements and payment schedules to me. She is always available to give me tax advice directly. It gives me a great relief to know that my big tax picture is taken care of. Thanks for all your effort!!! 

Anney Ha

I have had the pleasure of working with Lilly on numerous mutual clients we have. She is always very diligent in how she approaches her work. Lilly seldom relies on information without seeing the proof for herself. She is very professional and prompt. She answers questions and requests from clients and me promptly. And she and Richard know their stuff. 

Suzanne Tomas

Qi is a fully integrated alternative medicine clinic located in Kitsilano. As a trained acupuncturist, finance was not my strength. As the owner/operator of the medical clinic, Lilly provided in depth cost analysis of running a medical clinic. I needed this information to determine important targets such as patient volume and service rate to run a profitable clinic.  

Kiem Schutter

I own the trendy and modern Propaganda Hair Salon located in the busy Granville Island Market. Lilly has been Propaganda Hair’s accountant since 2001. During this time, I have had the pleasure of only styling my clients’ hair. Mew & Company has taken care of all the corporate income tax and HST matters without any issues. Lilly is always on top of CRA matters. 

Andre Abboud

Propaganda Hair

I used Lilly Woo to get my corporate filings done. Everything went smoothly. Lilly knows what she is doing. 

Ed Luciano

Tamwood College sought the expertise of Mew & Co. on a complex corporate tax planning matter. We had an initial meeting to discuss where the company was headed. After that, Richard Mew drew out a detailed tax plan to accomplish the desired objectives while being compliant with the tax laws. I highly recommend the Mew & Company for complex tax work. 

Matt Collingwood

My husband and I own incorporated businesses offering end to end IT solutions to small and medium sized businesses in the Greater Vancouver area. Our services range from server solution, back up services, web hosting and system administration. Our businesses have gone from having numerous shareholders to total control by us.
During all these times, Lilly has always advised us with the income tax consequences of our business decisions. She has always proactively advised us on our compensation plan or share buy out plan so that we are well informed ahead of our business decision. I have found Lilly’s professional tax advice to be sound and well thought out and I trust her advice implicitly. 

Lucy Barber

Mew and Co have been a great help to our studio this last year – in planning, service and advice. As a newer company feel we are in good hands moving forward. 

Jon Busby

Phenomenal service and straight talk about finance are what we’ve come to expect from Mew & Co. It is exactly what they have delivered time and time again. We’re very fortunate to have found such a great, small firm to handle our accounting. Thanks Lilly! 

Scott Roberts

Mew & Company has provided our company with exceptional corporate accounting service for a number of years. Their staff are highly knowledgeable, efficient, and reliable; everything a company needs in an accountant. I would highly recommend them. 

Mikhail Moore

Richard Mew has been our trusted advisor in all accounting matters for the past 15 years. He’s helped guide and manage our business growth from a financial standpoint, and I can always count on him to provide us with wise, timely advice. 

Sonia Dewey

Lily has been a pleasure to work with. She is attentive to my questions and always has great advice for my small business. I highly recommend her. 

Leon Basin

I have been a client of Richard Mew’s for almost 15 years starting in Vancouver and now from Calgary. Richard has always provided a reliable and efficient service for my interior design and investment business. Even though it is a small business, I appreciate that Richard continues to respond quickly and has been personally available and involved in our projects. Despite operating from another province we have found Mew and Co an excellent business partner and look forward to many more years ahead. 

Leanne Ritter

My wife and I have been clients of Lilly’s since 2007. She has always provided excellent financial advice and services. She explains everything in clear language and takes the time to make sure you understand all of the options available. She is very efficient and responds promptly to all requests. 

Howard Kushner

My companies have been with Lily Woo @ Mew & Company for over 12 years and we never looked back. Every time my companies grow we first look to Lily’s professional strategic advice to maximize our tax advance and financial planning edge. 

Jark Krysinski PREC

When I was buying a business, I got Lilly to do it. She did a great job protecting my interest and determine the real value of the business. Since then, she serves as my accountant. If you want a high quality and high caliber accountant, Lilly will be the best person for the job. 

Michael Teng