Corporate Reorganization Services

Manage structural and tax changes effectively as your business evolves 

As your corporation expands or undertakes new ventures, a number of provisions in the Income Tax Act will help facilitate this growth in your business. These provisions are complex and require a tax services specialist to guide you through the restructuring process. We have an in-depth knowledge of this process and provide tax services in Vancouver to help you meet your corporate reorganization goals, minimize taxation and maximize value. 

Common situations that necessitate a corporate reorganization include: your desire to protect the retained earnings of the operating business, a merger with a third-party-owned business or a mature shareholder passing ownership to an adult child involved in the management of the business. The provisions in the Income Tax Act are there to safeguard business owners against financial burden, however, a great deal of planning and knowledge is required to leverage these provisions effectively. 

Some (but definitely not all) of the specific tax issues that Mew and Company’s corporate reorganization services address include: 

  • Tax loss utilization
  • Key man insurance
  • Capital dividend planning