Personal Tax Planning for Canadians as We Approach the 2021 Calendar Year End

The Covid Pandemic brought about an unprecedented coordinated financial support from all central banks to assist individuals and businesses to cope with the financial losses brought about the closure of the world economy. As a consequence, most asset classes, particularly speculative assets, saw huge value appreciation due to the coordinated quantitative easing measures undertaken by these central banks.  Vancouver Tax

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When Are My 2019 Income Taxes Really Due?

The week of March 16, 2020 will be forever remembered by all Canadians.  For many of us, whatever Spring Break trip planned along with everything else entertainment was cancelled that week. 2019 Incomes Taxes Due Date Extended For accountants who file taxes for a living, we were provided specific deadlines by Ottawa.  All personal and information returns were extended to

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Vancouver Real Estate Investments – Personal or Corporate Ownership?

Difference Between Real Estate Development and Real Estate Investment There is much confusion on the tax efficient way to hold real estate.  The confusion is because taxpayers confuse real estate development with real estate investment. If a taxpayer is planning to buy a piece of land and build a new house or substantially renovate an existing house, this is real

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