Current CRA Business Expense Audit – An Update

In a previous blog, I discussed how CRA recently sent out a slew of letters asking incorporated businesses to provide detailed documentation on various business expense deducted such as travel, auto or advertising.  Last year, CRA also went on a similar expedition but on a smaller scale.   Normally, by this time, which is a year later, taxpayers whose business expenses

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A Wave of CRA Audits of CCPCs

Small businesses, defined as businesses with fewer than 500 employees make up a big part of Canada’seconomy. Many of these small businesses are CCPCs. Small businesses need to be agile and responsiveto changing local and international economic conditions to survive and thrive. The pandemic relatedemployment shrinkages mostly affected small businesses. Now, as Canadians try to move forward, CRAis also moving

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The Costly Consequences of Pretending To Be An Incorporated Consultant

BC corporations enjoy a 11% corporate tax rate on the first $500,000 of taxable income from active business due to the small business deduction (“SBD”). Most BC incorporated businesses qualify for this tax break. In fact, many businesses structure its business affairs in ways that can take full advantage of this favourable tax treatment. Consultants Who May Not Be CRA

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