Holding Real Estate Investments in the CCPC – Part 2

In a recent blog, I explained why a CCPC shareholder is better off holding real estate investment or any passive investment in a CCPC versus personally. Those who are familiar with recent changes to CCPC tax laws will note that there is a $ 50,000 investment income ceiling, after which for every $ 1 additional investment income dollar will claw

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Vancouver Real Estate Investments – Personal or Corporate Ownership?

Difference Between Real Estate Development and Real Estate Investment There is much confusion on the tax efficient way to hold real estate.  The confusion is because taxpayers confuse real estate development with real estate investment. If a taxpayer is planning to buy a piece of land and build a new house or substantially renovate an existing house, this is real

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12 Tax Rules and Real Estate

12 Tax Rules and Real Estate Gain from sale of principal residence not taxable. Loss from sale of your principal residence not tax deductible. Sale of principal residence must be reported on the personal tax return. If a taxpayer owns more than one home for personal use and/or investment purpose, professional advisor should be consulted for optimal principal residence planning.

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