Last Chance Tax Planning for 2018

As 2018 comes to an end, tax advisors across Canada are busy restructuring and planning many corporations to respond to the new tax rules that came into existence this year. BC’s New Tax Law Called Tax on Split Income (TOSI) The biggest new tax law introduced this year is Tax on Split Income or TOSI for short.  TOSI is so

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Professional Partnerships and the Incorporated Partners

The 13.5% Corporate Tax Rate I have discussed or referenced in many corporate tax planning blogs that the biggest benefit to being an incorporated Canadian business is that the first $500,000 in corporate profits is taxed at a low 13.5% corporate tax rate. Professionals and their net profits from an incorporate practice also benefit from this corporate tax rate. Tax

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Tax Planning Tips for IT Consultants

Are you one of the many IT professionals currently working in the booming tech sector in the Vancouver area? You may be paying too many unnecessary taxes! Here are some helpful tips, courtesy of your Vancouver Chartered Accountants at Mew and Company: Determine if you are in fact self-employed under CRA’s definition. The RC4110 guide from CRA is written for

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