Lose The Tax Anxiety; Mew & Company Accountants to the Rescue!

“Taxes grow without rain.”

This Jewish proverb is a crisp and beautiful expression of the agony that almost all taxpayers feel around the world. However, not all taxpayers are fortunate enough to have a simple and easy solution to this problem like Canadians do. With a reliable and extremely lucrative group of professionals like Mew and Company Chartered Accountants, both individuals and businesses can relax and watch while these expert Chartered Accountants work to make things simpler and better.

When the going gets tough…

Apart from the skillful tact required to deal with taxation issues, an endless supply of patience and time is also required to sort out all the formalities and documentations. As Alfred E. Neuman puts it, “Today, it takes more brains and effort to make-out the income tax form than it does to make the income.” In such dire times, there could be no better deal than to hire a company that can take full charge of everything and spare the individual or business the hassle associated with taxation. Mew and Company believes in relieving their clients of this aggravating problem that can be solved easily by the taxation gurus.

…The tough get going.

The company caters to businesses as well as individuals with customized tax solutions. Be it corporate tax planning, succession planning, accounting systems, financial statements or business consultation, Mew and Company has it all covered. In cases where clients are going through a CRA audit, Mew and Company can work on our clients’ behalf to ensure the process goes smoothly. The main goal is to reduce and, preferably, eliminate the anxiety and taxpayer uncertainty during these audits.

Mew and Company, a Vancouver-based group of associates, is an ideal solution to your tax headaches. With our simple philosophy of building long-lasting customer relationships, your success is our success. We serve many different types of corporate and small business clients, including companies in the food service, real estate, retail and personal service industries.

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