Tax Tips for Vancouver Female Small Business Owners – Creating a Strong Brand is Vital to Success

I am a Chartered Accountant at Mew & Company – I have had my own accounting firm located in Downtown Vancouver for almost 15 years now. I was recently inspired by a conversation I had with a new client which I want to share with all the women business owners in Vancouver, BC.

My new client is an energetic and enterprising entrepreneur. Her business has been expanding in a very challenging industry. Without being prompted by me, her reasoning for the continual expansion was to successfully strengthen the corporate brand so that the company has an intrinsic value, exclusive of her.

Her response caught me off guard because I am used to clients asking about minimizing taxes and saving for retirement. I realized a real entrepreneur’s main priority is to invest in her business and herself – not her home and not her retirement. She was talking about how to create wealth by creating a strong brand. The client did have a marketing background and the marketing savvy was apparent. When she left the meeting, I was inspired.

In order to be successful over the long run, any small business in Vancouver must continually create brand awareness and differentiate itself from its competitors. In the old days, this took a lot of advertising dollars. In today’s internet and social media environment, the playing field has leveled out because small businesses can have a strong presence in these mediums without spending a lot of money. All they require is a little strategy and some dedicated human resources.

So invest in your business because that is the cash cow that funds everything else in your life. Strive to always create a strong brand, and then let the home and retirement take care of themselves.

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