Lack of Sophistication May Not Get You Off the Hook With CRA

Vancouver Tax Audit Services: the CRA’s Negligence Penalty The CTV news show W5 aired an episode on February 9, 2014 called Punitive Penalties about a program named the Fiscal Arbitrators where 1804 Canadian taxpayers paid thousands of dollars to be part of what they thought was a legal tax scheme. The scheme did not end well as the participating taxpayers were

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Know Your Tax Laws, Keep Your Receipts, Document Your Activities

The past year, I have noticed quite a few more requests from CRA to review medical expenses, donation receipts, and HST returns filed. The best thing for a business owner being audited is that they have been honest with their tax affairs. The second best thing is for the business owner to have a competent professional Vancouver accountant to assist

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Feeling tax fatigue? Mew and Company Chartered Accountants can help!

“The difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.” –Will Rogers. Will Rogers hit the right chord with his quote. All taxpayers will agree that there is nothing worse than continuously paying an amount of earnings and hard-earned income as taxes to the government, without ever seeing the end of it. The percentage

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