Feeling tax fatigue? Mew and Company Chartered Accountants can help!

“The difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.” –Will Rogers.

Will Rogers hit the right chord with his quote. All taxpayers will agree that there is nothing worse than continuously paying an amount of earnings and hard-earned income as taxes to the government, without ever seeing the end of it. The percentage constantly increases, as the burden of rectifying ongoing economic strife is laid increasingly on the common man. As if that wasn’t enough, the complicated documentation and form-filing processes required for tax payments is unbearable. Why else would Einstein express his fury while filling for taxes in the following words: “This is too difficult for a mathematician. It takes a philosopher”?

Mew and Company – The Ultimate Tax Solution

Sadly for Einstein, he didn’t live to see the world find easier solutions to taxation issues. Fortunately, today we have a dedicated company of Chartered Accountants that strive to make our clients’ lives easier by finding ways to not only reduce your tax burden, but also to assist you with the documentation, financial statements and all other forms of tedious record-keeping that your business is required to do.

Mew and Company is a partnership of Vancouver-based independent tax professionals that specialize in corporate & personal tax and accounting services. Our clientele includes corporations, small businesses, and prosperous individuals who would benefit from taxation and succession planning. Our goal is to optimize business growth by providing effective and efficient accounting systems that can be implemented with relative ease and comfort.

Customer Care By Vancouver Chartered Accountants

Mew and Company’s job doesn’t end here. After the taxes have been paid and the necessary formalities dealt with, representatives of the company remain in touch with our clients throughout the fiscal year to ensure the tax planning is executed properly. Although using professional tax advisors greatly reduces the chances of an CRA audit, Mew and Company intervenes as a mediator in such a case and lowers the client’s burden by dealing with the CRA ourselves. We take charge, organize meetings with the CRA at convenient times, and negotiate the scope of the audit on our clients’ behalf to ensure a faster and a smoother audit process.

Mew and Company specializes in dealing with the client’s burdens and solving them as though they are our own. With our expert advice and professional know-how, the process of taxation and the details behind managing it should no longer be a hassle.

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