Taking More Remuneration from Your Corporation Can Be Good Tax Planning

In a prior post, I discussed why using up the lower personal tax brackets every year is good tax planning. In this post, I plan to further discuss the tax benefits of increasing shareholders remuneration from the CCPC. Tax Benefits of Increasing Shareholders Remuneration From The CCPC Since the current Liberal Government has come into power back in 2015, there

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Tax Planning is More Than Minimizing Taxes for the Current Year

As the tax advisor for successful businesses in Vancouver, I have my share of owners who spend money as fast as they make it. For these spendthrifts, tax planning essentially boils down to cash management. And I have another group of successful business owners who are obsessed with paying little tax as possible come April 30. As I explain to the

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Personal Tax Planning for Canadians as We Approach the 2021 Calendar Year End

The Covid Pandemic brought about an unprecedented coordinated financial support from all central banks to assist individuals and businesses to cope with the financial losses brought about the closure of the world economy. As a consequence, most asset classes, particularly speculative assets, saw huge value appreciation due to the coordinated quantitative easing measures undertaken by these central banks.  Vancouver Tax

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