Should Your Business Move to Cloud Quickbooks?

Cloud-based Quickbooks Cloud-based Quickbooks (“QBO”) has made great strides in the past few years. Desktop Quickbooks (“QB”) was the top choice for many small businesses for years before QBO came into existence. QB was easy to use, cost effective and provided superior reports. However, the problem with QB was the clumsiness that came with file sharing. The QBA version (the

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Use of Family Trust for Income Splitting

Income Splitting Using a Family Trust As discussed and referenced in previous blog posts, a successful corporation with surplus retained earnings can reap large tax-saving benefits from income splitting when done with spouse and children. When the owner/shareholder of a business wishes to take advantage of income splitting opportunities as his children reach adult age, the easiest and most economical way

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Professional Partnerships and the Incorporated Partners

The 13.5% Corporate Tax Rate I have discussed or referenced in many corporate tax planning blogs that the biggest benefit to being an incorporated Canadian business is that the first $500,000 in corporate profits is taxed at a low 13.5% corporate tax rate. Professionals and their net profits from an incorporate practice also benefit from this corporate tax rate. Tax

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