The Big Tax Deductions vs The Deductions that Are More Fuss than Their Worth

Right now, Canadians are rushing to file their personal income tax returns on time. At Mew and Company, we are gearing up to process all of the documentation needed to file complete and accurate returns by April 30, 2015. Although we have been preparing personal tax returns for many years, it feels like every year, there are more documents to

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Canada’s Anti-Spam Law: Is Your Vancouver Small Business Ready?

This law comes into effect July 1 – less than three weeks away! What is “Spam”? Essentially, it’s unsolicited electronic mail and/or communications. That “junk” folder in your inbox, you know, the one you never open? It’s likely full of spam. At the core, “spam” is about electronic commerce regulation, which means that it should be important to virtually every

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Canadian Small Business Owners and CPP – What is the Deal?

For business owners in British Columbia, the trend of remunerating shareholders with dividends instead of salaries and/or management bonuses has been going on for years.  The low corporate tax rate of 13.5% on the first $500,000 of corporate profits in conjunction with total CPP premiums of $4,712 on the first $51,100 of salary paid to each shareholder/manager created a strong

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