Death of a Taxpayer – A To Do List

Death of a family member is one of the most stressful events in life.  To compound the grief, there are final tax matters to deal with either by April 30th of the following year or 6 months after the date of death. What To Do Upon The Death of a Taxpayer? Upon the death of a taxpayer, at a minimum,

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Vancouver Sale of Rental Property and the Principal Residence Exemption

While at dinner recently, a friend of mine, Carla, informed me that she sold her rental property and was curious about the amount of tax that she would owe on the gain. Upon further questioning, I uncovered that, in the past, my friend had lived in this rental property (a condo) for many years. She purchased a second condo a

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Vancouver Tax Considerations for Buying a Business in British Columbia

If you are in the initial stage of negotiating the purchase of an incorporated business in British Columbia (B.C.), this is a good time to consider the method you choose to go about the acquisition. There are two methods to acquire a business: you either buy the desired assets of the company, or you buy the shares of the company.

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