Time to Reconsider Remuneration Method for CCPC Shareholders

During the summer of 2017, CCPC shareholders and tax advisors across Canada were surprised with by the announcement of new tax rules and restrictions that were being planned by the Minister of Finance.  Basically, Ottawa felt that the existing rules at the time were too generous for the CCPC shareholders and intended to scale the “tax perks” down considerably. Almost

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Cloud Software – Only Getting Better With Time

More small businesses are now on cloud account software.  Many business owners are performing the bookkeeping functions on their own and just as many business owners hire a bookkeeping firm who specializes in cloud software to do the bookkeeping.  Now, AI is getting involved to limit human coding errors that still exist with cloud software. As for me, the external

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A Liquidity Crunch in Vancouver

Just two years back, when buying condo presales was the rage of investing free cash in Vancouver, I wrote a short blog cautioning investors to begin preparation years ahead for the closing date of the deal.  When the condo completes, full payment of the balance on the condo is required to close the deal; hence qualifying for the mortgage at

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