Why a Real General Ledger is the First Line of Defense During a CRA Tax Audit

Many mature businesses have endured this at least once during their life time – a CRA tax audit.  Most businesses survive an audit with no issue.  This happens when the business has an adequate set of financial records that is easy for the CRA auditor to examine.  So what makes up an adequate set of financial records. First of all,

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Death of a Taxpayer – A To Do List

Death of a family member is one of the most stressful events in life.  To compound the grief, there are final tax matters to deal with either by April 30th of the following year or 6 months after the date of death. What To Do Upon The Death of a Taxpayer? Upon the death of a taxpayer, at a minimum,

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Non-Residents Selling Canadian Real Estate

As a non-resident, a little bit of extra tax planning is required when selling Canadian real estate. The 25% Withholding Tax The CRA requires that the purchaser withhold 25% of the gross sale amount from a non-resident. (Note that the 25% of the gross sale proceeds withheld would normally be in the seller’s lawyer’s trust account, and this individual has

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