Use of Family Trust for Income Splitting

Income Splitting Using a Family Trust As discussed and referenced in previous blog posts, a successful corporation with surplus retained earnings can reap large tax-saving benefits from income splitting when done with spouse and children. When the owner/shareholder of a business wishes to take advantage of income splitting opportunities as his children reach adult age, the easiest and most economical way

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Effective Income Splitting Needs Professional Pre Planning

Income Splitting Pre Planning We are now firmly into the 2015 calendar year and with the New Year come new tax laws aimed at reducing your family’s tax burden (eg. recently announced family tax cuts) and changes to existing tax laws that reduce old benefits (eg. higher personal taxes on ineligible dividends). Ineligible Dividends Ineligible dividends are essentially the type

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The Costly Consequences of Pretending To Be An Incorporated Consultant

Canadian corporations enjoy a 13.5% corporate tax rate on the first $500,000 of taxable income from active business due to the small business deduction. Therefore, it makes sense for a corporation to structure its business affairs in ways that can take full advantage of this favourable tax rate. The majority of Canadian businesses qualify for the above benefit. However, some

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