Choose Quickbooks For Your Vancouver-based Small Business

Selecting the right accounting software for your small business seems like a daunting task but it really isn’t. This is because there is one software that is far superior even to the second best-in-its-class competitor. Also, 99 percent of all Vancouver professional accountants servicing small businesses use and recommend this software – Quickbooks (“QB”) or Cloud-based Quickbooks (“QBO”).

Why is Quickbooks so great?  The list can go on and on but here are the top ten reasons:

1)      Easy to use – highly intuitive.

2)      Flexibility in accounting functions – the software allows for easy adjustments to previous work.

3)      Flexibility in reporting functions – the software allows the user to set up different parameters to obtain many reports that can be used by the business owner to make management decisions.

4)      Affordability – considering all the functions that it automates, this is a great investment.

5)      Tracks GST and PST on sales easily and accurately.

6)      Widely used – this means it is easy to find bookkeepers and external accountants who are very familiar with its functions and reports.

7)      A robust payroll module – this takes care of the time consuming T4 and Record of Employment filing requirements.

8)      Allows for multi-location or multi-division accounting.

9)      The software comes in both PC and Mac versions.

10)  The software is considered a “small business” software but can manage up to 14,500 items and 3 concurrent users – basically, it can deal with the accounting needs of most small businesses in British Columbia.

Compared to the other software available for small businesses, Quickbooks is slightly more expensive, but with Quickbook’s flexibility and wide use, the $100 extra paid for the software can be easily recovered with lower bookkeeping and accounting fees.

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