A Busy Summer for the CRA Auditors

Vancouver enjoyed excellent weather during the 2019 summer months without smoke to block the sunrays. CRA Audits Vancouver Businesses While the taxpayers were busy vacationing, the CRA was very busy sending out tax review letters to many businesses. Based on my own experience and conversations with colleagues, a massive fishing expedition was underway this spring and summer.  Many businesses are

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Holding Real Estate Investments in the CCPC – Part 2

In a recent blog, I explained why a CCPC shareholder is better off holding real estate investment or any passive investment in a CCPC versus personally. Those who are familiar with recent changes to CCPC tax laws will note that there is a $ 50,000 investment income ceiling, after which for every $ 1 additional investment income dollar will claw

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Cloud Software – Only Getting Better With Time

More small businesses are now on cloud account software.  Many business owners are performing the bookkeeping functions on their own and just as many business owners hire a bookkeeping firm who specializes in cloud software to do the bookkeeping.  Now, AI is getting involved to limit human coding errors that still exist with cloud software. As for me, the external

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