Canadian Holding Corporations and Individuals: Avoid Costly Foreign Asset Reporting Pitfalls

Foreign Asset Reporting Pitfalls for Canadian Holding Corporations and Individuals Canadian taxpayers, individuals, and corporations who hold foreign property exceeding $100,000 in cost at any time during the year, have significant foreign asset reporting obligations. Not only is the reporting obligation an annual requirement, but the penalties for non-compliance can be very steep. Foreign Asset Reporting Obligations Your foreign asset reporting obligations

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Canada’s Anti-Spam Law: Is Your Vancouver Small Business Ready?

This law comes into effect July 1 – less than three weeks away! What is “Spam”? Essentially, it’s unsolicited electronic mail and/or communications. That “junk” folder in your inbox, you know, the one you never open? It’s likely full of spam. At the core, “spam” is about electronic commerce regulation, which means that it should be important to virtually every

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