Vancouver Tax Planning for CCPC’s As We Approach the Second Half of 2018

As the summer of 2018 comes to an end, vancouver tax advisors are starting to contemplate the tax planning work that will be required for CCPC come fall 2018. At the start of 2018, tax advisors and incorporated businesses awaited the 2018 federal budget with high level of anxiety.  After all, the initial announcement to eliminate the tax deferral advantage

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Vancouver Tax Planning Dilemmas As 2017 Come To A Close

2017 has been a year of drama for Vancouver tax advisors and I am happy that it is coming to an end.  I have to admit, it is not so much January 1, 2018 I am looking forward to.  I am anxiously waiting for the 2018 budget date which may bring all Canadian private corporations more clarity on their financial

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